ECE R44/04 vs ECE R129

ECE R44/04 is the older car seat standards compared to ECE R129 (also known as i-Size), which is a more recent car seat safety standards under the United Nation law. According to the Minister of Transport Malaysia, both regulations will be adopted to serve as guidelines for Malaysia’s car seat law.

What are the differences between ECE R44/04 and R129?

ECE R44/04

  • Classification based on child’s weight (KG)
  • Categorized by groups (Group 0+, I, II, III)
  • Child can be forward-facing from 9KG
  • Used for seatbelt or ISOFIX seats
  • Rear and front impact testing

ECE R129 (i-Size)

  • Classification based on child’s height (CM)
  • No Groups
  • Child must rear-face to a minimum of 15 months
  • Used for ISOFIX seats only
  • Rear, Front and Side impact testing

The intention of the latest i-Size regulation is to make the child seat easier to fit, to keep child rear-facing as long as possible until 15 months, and to provide a better child protection from side impacts.

How to identify your car seat falls under which UN standards?

Koopers R44 and R129

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