About Zseries

Standing top as a local car seat brand, Koopers always improvises on car seat designs to suit Malaysian’s lifestyle and climate. Zseries manufactured with superior materials is the premium car seat range that provides an ideal specifications that parents look for when choosing for a suitable car seat.

10 Seconds. That’s All You Need.

We understand hygiene for children is one of the top priorities for parents. Removing car seat covers for washing may seem hard and it became harder when parents do not know how to put it back on. That’s when Zseries come into the picture – making it easy for parents to just unzip and wash like a jacket! Most importantly, using EZipper, it will be able to reduce the risk of damaging the car seat structure while removing the covers.

Less Heat, Less Sweat!

We realized parents would always look for a car seat that has a thick and well-padded cushion fabric to ensure their child’s comfort during a car ride. However, thick fabric and paddings may add on to the heat and discomfort, leaving parents indecisive on choosing between comfort or better cooling. Why not both? Zeries car seat fabrics are hand-picked to suit our tropical climate, where it comprises dual-face fabric that is soft on baby’s skin and breathable AIRmesh padding to ensure that heat is well circulated out.

Available in Koopers Zumba ZipKoopers Boston ZipKoopers Lucafix Zip

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