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Benefits of 2-Way Facing Stroller

Two way facing stroller is a type of stroller that enables the child to meet the parent or face in front, following the direction of the stroll. This unique feature provides flexibility for a parent who wants to keep an eye on their child as they travel together, especially infants. Some 2-way facing strollers have […]

Toddler Birthday Gift Ideas

Selecting your first gift for a toddler can be exciting! It is essential to consider their age, interests and development stage. Of course, choosing a safe, long-lasting gift that promotes imaginative play and skills is crucial. Most ride-on toy manufacturers design their products to promote outdoor play and aid in physical development, making them an […]

Is i-Size Car Seat Better?

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R129, or i-Size car seat, is a new safety standard introduced to improve the safety of baby car seats in the modern days. This new standard specifies safety requirements based on a child’s height instead of weight, allowing a better fit and protection during a crash. People generally consider i-Size car seats to be a […]

What is 360 Spin Car Seat All About?

Koopers Lucafix Zip Car Seat

A 360-spin car seat can rotate all around 360 degrees, allowing parents to easily switch their baby from a rear-facing to a forward-facing, or vice versa, without manually removing the entire car seat from their vehicle. An innovative and convenient feature reduces the struggle and sweat parents experience while switching positions. Manufacturers design three hundred […]

Benefits of a Lightweight Stroller

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A lightweight stroller is a type of baby stroller designed to be compact and easy to carry. It typically weighs less than 7kg and can be folded into a small, compact size for storage and use in different transportation modes. Lightweight strollers are typically designed for newborns and toddlers up to 22kg, although this can […]

Get Koopers CRS at subsidized prices with MyCRS subsidy!

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Get Koopers CRS at subsidized prices with MyCRS subsidy! Inflation is causing more and more parents to worry about the high cost of living. The biggest responsibility of the parents is to ensure that the children grow up in a safe and comfortable environment. When the MYCRS Subsidy Program was announced by the Prime Minister […]

Dapatkan CRS Koopers dengan harga subsidi!

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Inflasi menyebabkan semakin ramai ibu bapa bimbang dengan kos sara hidup yang tinggi. Tanggungjawab terbesar ibu bapa adalah untuk memastikan anak-anak membesar dalam persekitaran yang selamat dan selesa. Apabila Program MYCRS Subsidi diumumkan oleh Perdana Menteri semasa Bajet 2022, ia merupakan satu berita yang menggembirakan ramai ibu bapa terutama golongan B40. Bajet sebanyak RM30 juta ini memberi […]