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Meet the new generation of Koopers baby strollers: Koopers EEZI & Koopers KOZI

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Introducing KOZI and EEZI, Koopers’ latest innovations that promise to revolutionize your parenting journey. These contemporary baby strollers share a foundation of key features that prioritize safety, comfort, and ease of use. Both KOZI and EEZI are crafted with a Soft NanoFibre fabric material, offering a gentle touch for your little one while being easy […]

Magic Rider vs Koopers Magic Rider 360

Parents seeking a comfortable and safe stroller for their children often face a dilemma when the stroller they’ve relied on for years starts to feel outdated. If you’re one of those parents, it might be time to make a move from the ordinary magic stroller to the new Koopers Magic Rider 360.  In this article, […]

Is it important to pick the best baby stroller for our child?

Yes, selecting the ideal baby stroller for your child is essential. A baby  stroller is a vital piece of baby equipment that you’ll most likely use on a regular basis for many years, so it’s critical to select one that matches your needs while also providing comfort, safety, and convenience for both you and your […]