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As a chiropractor, Dr Terrence Yap is often asked about the best mattress. We were lucky enough to get not only his professional advice and recommendations, but his testimony borne from years of personal experience.

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1. Why is having good quality sleep important? What role does a mattress play in sleep quality?

A good sleep every night is important for our bodies to repair and recover, so that we will be prepared for the next day.  We spend a third of our lives sleeping, therefore it is important to invest in a mattress that will support our body and give it the rest it needs. Needless to say, the quality of a mattress is an important factor to give us that quality sleep over a prolonged period without compromise.

2. What are some common neuromuscular disorders derived from bad sleeping positions?

Bad sleeping positions can affect several parts of the body. Mainly, the sleeping posture affects the spine. Sleeping face down, for example, forces us to rotate our head and prolonged head rotation may lead to sprains and strains in the neck region. Poor sleeping posture may also cause breathing issues like sleep apnea. The flow of air from our mouth to our lungs may be compromised and it will give us restless or interrupted sleep which leads to tiredness when we wake up.

3. What is your take on the importance of investing in a good mattress?

To invest in a good mattress, we need to look out for several points.

Support – The mattress needs to fundamentally support our spine when we are resting flat on our back or side to help prevent issues like back pain. It should adapt to changes in pressure to give adequate support while not disturbing your partner, who may be sleeping next to you.

Materials – The mattress should have sufficient pocketed spring for support and a plush pillow top for side posture sleeping comfort.

The top layer of the mattress should be comfortably cool, especially for Malaysia weather, but plush enough to give us side support without exerting unnecessary pinching pressure on the shoulder joint.

The warranty of the mattress should also be at least 7 to 10 years.

4. Based on your knowledge, could you provide some tips on choosing the right mattress firmness?

In chiropractic school, we were taught that the general rule was to recommend a medium firm mattress. But this may change with the advent of newer technology and better materials that advances sleep comfort.

In addition to that, it will also depend on the height and bodyweight of the individual plus their sleeping habits. As sleeping is personal and subjectively an individual preference, anyone looking to choose a new mattress should consider trying out a mattress and comparing it to another before investing in it.

5. What was your experience with the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress? Did it improve your quality of sleep?

When I first sat on the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress, I was genuinely surprised at the softness of the mattress. The sides sank lower than usual as compared to a traditional mattress. But, when I laid supine in the centre of the mattress, it felt like I was sleeping on a water bed, but with support. I could actually feel my lumbar and neck being supported by the mattress. I did not need a pillow to support my neck. When I rotated sideways, my shoulder did not experience the pinching that would normally be felt on a firm traditional mattress.

While it took me about 3 days to adapt to the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress,  the adaptation was worth it for a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling fresh and restored.

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6. Do you have any recommendations, such as for bedding accessories, that we should take note of in order to have a better sleep?

I would recommend a pillow and a bolster (body pillow) to support our sleep posture for a good rest.

A pillow that can support our neck posture in neutral posture in supine and side posture is crucial. It reduces our chances of a neck strain and hopefully even prevents us from potential sleep apnea.

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However, do note that due to the nature of the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress, you may need to change your existing pillow. I found that I could sleep supine on it without a pillow and only needed a flatter pillow for sleeping sideways.

A bolster may prevent us from rotating onto our stomach and sleeping in the prone position (which is not recommended).  Choose a bolster with medium firm density and hug it between your legs when sleeping. This will help keep the spine in neutral posture and help to prevent us from rotating into the prone position.

For those who sleep in a temperature-controlled room, a light blanket may be useful to trap our body heat to keep us warm. But with the cooling fabric of the mattress, you may not even need air conditioning.

As evidence of Origin Mattress’ confidence in its ability to provide the best quality, Origin offers a 120-day risk-free trial from your home, in which we can offer you a full refund if you do not like it. In addition, you will receive a 15-year warranty and free delivery to your home. Hop on the chance to get 60% off Malaysia’s Top awarded Origin Mattress right now before it’s too late!

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